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TEYO A.S. is developing a powerplant Project in Adana Tufanbeyli Region.
The Project comprises a 700 MW power plant for the electricity grid with 2 units and extracting the lignite and feding the power plant from the mine with 323 million ton reserve. This means Tufanbeyli Project serves the purpose to develope the local energy resources and to reduce the energy import dependency.

TEYO A.S. won the bidding opened by Turkish Coal Enterprise (TKI) on 29.05.2012. The Royalty Contract was signed with TKI on 20.06.2012 with the pairticipation of Energy Minister, Mr. Taner Yıldız. EIA Positive Certificate was obtained from Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on 11.04.2014 for Power Plant and on 24.04.2014 for the Mine.

By extracting 8.5 million ton of lignite annually, 4.36 billion kWh electricity will be produced annually and 50,000,000 $ net royalty payment will be made to Turkish Coal Enterprise General Management.

TEYO A.S., who is very sensitive to Environment, will apply Circulating Fluidised Technology (CFB), which was proved to be environment friendly, and will build ash precipitators, flue gas desulphurization plant and NOx treatment plant to be under the limits of EU regulations.